Why choose Mes Cargo for the air transport of pharma cargo?

We know that transporting pharmaceutical products requires highly safe conditions and extreme care throughout the process. That is why Mes Pharma is the most suitable service for the air transport of pharma cargo that you will find.

Recognized by some of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers as a trusted airline that always adheres to the highest quality standards, Mes Cargo delivers any pharmaceutical product worldwide with absolute care and precision — from the most temperature-sensitive materials, which require monitoring, to biotechnological products.

Mes Pharma is designed around the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry, no matter how demanding they might be. We make sure that our team of specialists works hard, using our extensive network of approved stations to ensure that your shipment remains safe and in perfect condition at every stage of the transport.

How does Mes Cargo process the air transport of pharma cargo?

To ensure the reliability, effectiveness, and safety of Mes Pharma’s air transport of pharma cargo, we work with two special services: Pharma ACT and Pharma PAS.

Through Pharma ACT, we support the maintenance of an uninterrupted cold chain for temperature-sensitive products at all stages of shipping, from the place of origin to the destination. Through Pharma PAS, we transport temperature-sensitive products in packaging solutions with passive temperature management capabilities.

Additionally, Mes Cargo uses equipment of all the leading suppliers in the market, from the most traditional to one way equipment, mainly used in situations and destinations with special needs.

Mes Pharma additional options

You can complement your air transport of pharma cargo with the add-ons and delivery speeds that we offer to bring even more value, speed and security to your shipment.

Additionally, you can request our special services, Mes Express — which ensures airport to airport shipments in a short period of time — and Mes Door to Door — which guarantees the delivery of your cargo in hand, if preferred.

Contact us to request more information about Mes Pharma.

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