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Mes Cargo we  as a company we are sending a very high tonnage cargo to all over the world destination; especially right now we are focus on worldwide destinations in this context there is huge demons from i.a.t.a customers for the worldwide destinations.

We would like to briefly introduce our company;

MES CARGO  we are providing GSA Cargo Services is an established general sales agent with a proven record of delivering high-quality sales and marketing activities that result in increased cargo uplift.

With our head office in Istanbul and sales representation Ankara-İzmir-Adana-Antalya GSA Cargo Services is ideally positioned to represent airlines who require  a cost effective Turkey -wide sales team there are 28 employees in total of Mes Cargo worldwide.


MES CARGO GSA Cargo Services  is a privately owned company specialized in cargo sales and marketing for International carriers

throughout Turkey. The company is owned and managed by industry professionals who are experienced in developing niche sales and marketing strategies that better promote the cargo capabilities of foreign carriers.

MES CARGO GSA Cargo Services offers tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of both our clients and our customers airlines and are setting new levels of service in the cargo industry. Our clients have come to appreciate our professionalism, expertise and commitment-attributes that made us a company operation from the outset.

MES CARGO more than 30 years experience industry; we are  representing as a cargo GSA in Turkey  with great success all these airlines bellow down.


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