Why choose Mes Cargo for the air transport of temperature-sensitive cargo?

MesCool is the ideal solution for carrying any type of cargo that needs to remain, for a limited period of time, at constant temperature levels — positive as well as negative (from -25ºC to +25ºC).

From frozen and chilled foods to pharmaceuticals, all cargo is properly monitored and each product properly packed and conditioned. Rigor and high safety standards are carefully followed during all stages of the transport process, so that the outside temperature in no way influences the optimum condition of the cargo.

Note: Even though we transport, through MesCool, pharmaceutical products that need to be maintained at certain temperature levels, we also provide a specialized air transport of pharmaceutical cargo solution which includes the shipping of different types of products. Visit the MesPharma webpage to know more details and all the specificities.

How does Mes Cargo process the air transport of temperature-sensitive cargo?

The air transport of temperature-sensitive cargo by MesCool is handled by two special active and passive temperature management services, Cool-Active and Cool-Passive, respectively.
What is Cool-Passive?
Cool-Passive is a special Mes Cargo passive temperature management service designed to transport temperature-sensitive products in passive temperature packaging and/or container solutions.

Through insulated enclosures — previously chosen by the Client — indoor temperature changes are prevented for limited periods, regardless of the different external climate scenarios. They are considered to be the most effective sun protection for the air transport of temperature-sensitive cargo.

To ensure effective cargo safety, Mes Cargo also uses va-Q-tainer containers for passive temperature control — thermal containers that allow temperature-controlled solutions for ranges from -25°C to +25°C and offer up to 5 days of constant temperature. These containers are available in four sizes and may also be pre-selected by the Client.

In addition, all transported consignments are protected by a protective film specially developed to keep your cargo safe and in perfect condition.

What is Cool-Active?

Cool-Active is a special Mes Cargo active temperature management service that supports the maintenance of an uninterrupted cold chain at all stages of the air transport — from source to delivery at destination.

Through Cool-Active, we offer a wide range of active refrigerated containers to transport your cargo. Inside these containers, systems such as the Opticooler and the Envirotainer are used, among others, which allow the regulation of temperatures using compressors for cooling and electrical energy for heating. They also allow a constant temperature to be maintained throughout the transport, so that your cargo is always kept in excellent condition.

MesCool active refrigerated containers can be made available at multiple airports for loading and unloading by the dispatcher and the recipient. This avoids temperature variations as much as possible.

Note: Your cargo remains in our refrigerated containers throughout the transport chain.

What type of cargo can you carry with MesCool?

MesCool is the ideal air transport of cargo solution for many types of temperature-sensitive products, including:

Chilled foods;
Frozen foods;
Pharmaceutical products;
Diagnostic products;
Laboratory tests;
Biotechnological material;
High-tech temperature-sensitive equipment.

Whether transported in active refrigerated containers or passive temperature packaging and/or container solutions, Mes Cargo ensures that your cargo is handled in a way that does not compromise its safety and excellent condition, as well as the shipping quality itself. To this end, we have a dedicated infrastructure, a highly specialized team and special handling processes for all stages of the process.

MesCool additional options

You can complement your air transport of temperature-sensitive cargo with the add-ons and delivery speeds that we offer to bring even more value, speed and security to your shipment.

Additionally, you can request our special services, MesExpress — which ensures airport to airport shipments in a short period of time — and MesDoor to Door — which guarantees the delivery of your cargo in hand, if preferred.

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