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We Are The MES CARGO TRANSPORT AND TOURISM TİC. LTD. ŞTİ.within the airline as cargo transportation in accordance with the experience we have of people, this is a different approach in the service sector with organizations to provide customised service delivery.

Worldwide air, land and sea transport with AIR ASTANA, AIR ALGERİA, AEROFLOT AIRLINE, AEROFLOT DON AIRLINES, ADRIA AIRWAYS ATHENS, AZERBAIJAN AIRLINES, ALBANIAN AIRLINES, the Afghan AIRLINES, BAGDAT CHARTER, Bulgaria air, BELAVIA, AIR, DNIPROAVIA, ITEK AIR, PULKOVA, SIBERIA AIRLINES, Turkmenistan AIRLINES, TAJIKISTAN AIRLINES, Tatarstan, UZBEKISTAN AIRLINES, URAL TUNUSAIR, TAVRIA AIRLINES, AIR Cargo General Sales Agency, Sales Agency and representatives of export and import Services, Customs procedures, Full-Charter air charter services are our area of activity.

The Ataturk Airport in İstanbul, as the Central Office for 8 staff, İstanbul, İzmir and Ankara airports that branches each have a total of 20 people, including 4 staff professional staff all air and land your shipments quickly and safely.

Air Transport


No matter where in the world; all kinds of material, international quality standards under the assurance of MES CARGO; We deliver to the desired address carefully.

Within the framework of the satisfaction of 100% customer oriented and MES CARGO; Thanks to the investments that we have done all kinds of superior technology.Our respect for labor; environmentally friendly and green environmental policies that support the delivery of a safe and fast way, we will have to reach a firm principle.



Company Introduction & Vision

This is a one-stop-shop solution to ensure our vision or who want to engage in online or offline for any Airline in Turkey.

Qualified business partners,
National-international standards and legal regulations to provide the appropriate services,

  • Reliability

  • To be fair

  • Honesty

  • Creativity

  • Service Orientation

  • Environmental Sensitivity

  • Team Spirit

  • Respect For People


Understanding of quality and excellence in the management of cargo, total, meeting the expectations of its stakeholders and balanced increase, continuous improvement and sustainable performance;

Human Resources,

  • The high level of education, innovation and changes in the company's open, entrepreneurial, dynamic, and the aim of the people who developed, aiming, team friends

  • The presence of the company's most important employee to improve both individual and professional way to create a professional working environment for themselves,

  • Each level will be identified in order to ensure that the employee's development plan, within the framework of the intra-company and is responsible for the development of the non-education programs, administrators, employees, restored

  • All recruitment/appointments, considering appropriate equal opportunity policy of the employee if it is found primarily on-premise staff assessment,

  • The company's management in order to ensure the continuity of the work by the order and the ideal level of employee turnover rate,

  • In terms of the employee's wage system and social rights within the framework of the existing facilities to be satisfied in the best way, individual skills and effort is rewarded with a fair wage policy application,

  • Develop a team spirit among employees for creating and managing internal communication channels,

Customer Relations,  


In order to be the preferred brand in the industry;

  • To provide the continuity of open communication,
  • To increase customer satisfaction and service quality are easily accessible to all channels,
  • He reflected on complaints, legal obligations and as a neutral, objective and to conform to the law adhering to the principles of transparency and privacy to address and resolve,
  • Customer-focused approach to provide services targeted by showing the time,
  • Account and Customer feedback obtained from the the experience of being an organization that improves itself continuously,




During the environmental impact of the activity and services taking into account the environmental pollution factors under control, to take measures to minimize,

Occupational health and safety,


The result of the activities carried out by injury and health corruption within the framework of the occupational health and safety rules to avoid risks by ensuring all employees and visitors to provide a healthy and safe work and living environment

Social Responsibility,


Social responsibility activities managing the economic, social and environmental impact, and to contribute to the development of the society


In parallel to the strategic needs,try to get an honest, mutual benefit and creating sustainable partnerships based on delivering value,



Emphasis on the quality of input for quality of service supplier performance assessment and to develop and offer at least three supplier in terms of providing the best suppliers to work with,


Official Regulations and international accounting policies to manage the business capital efficient, effective cash flow planning, cost/benefit

based on the analysis of external and internal resource utilization to provide, in a timely and effective reporting to support management decision making mechanisms to


By applying technological developments and maintain effective management, innovation and performance of processes to secure


Stakeholders in a reliable, consistent and up-to-date information to provide business continuity and uninterrupted access, security violations arising from losses and minimizing the risk of,


Evaluating the needs of the company's investment is found to be the most efficient alternatives, or to provide alternative funding sources to be identified and the appropriate

Fixed Assets,

Asset life cycle times increase, keeping in mind the sustainability of effective, efficient and provide the security of,


To ensure continuity of communication open,

Marketing and Sales,

The basic value propositions, product/service the perception of the brand perception with integration and sustainable sales,

Ethical rules and basic standards and legal regulations related to the activities of compatible values,as appropriate, undertakes to offer.